Reverse engineering the clean code


This might be the psychology basic for developers... starting with the design 101; take some design principles and show how they are reflected in code. This talk takes one of design principles (from UX world - Norman's design of everyday things, memory model, psychology of short term memory - etc) and extrapolate it onto programming world, trying to distill some patterns and antipatterns in developers' approach to code.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Jakub Marchwicki

unicorn - 108 creations

Jakub has been around software development for past 10 years, wearing multiple hats, getting hands dirty in multiple environments, securing both technical as well as the business side of The Thing. “An engineer with a human friendly interface?”. Some languages, some frameworks, blah blah blah - doesn’t matter. Jakub always considered programming as a tool to solve real-life problems - in a pragmatic way. He recently become independent, favoring dealing with outstanding payments than managers, sharing his time between family, projects, lectures and running local JUG

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