Agile used to be really cool


Agile software development used to be really cool back in 00's. The vision of old school waterfall projects, with months of work before integrating and releasing software to users gives me the creeps. But let's return to the present. I can hardly even recall working in a non-agile project. I feel that most of the Agile manifesto principles are in my DNA more than a thing to follow. If you want to keep growing in this industry you might want to start building on top of that. This presentation contains my experience about aligning people, sharing a direction and how servant leadership works.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Wojtek Erbetowski

CTO - Growbots

Wojtek leads people to achieve great goals. He is contributing to the tech community, influencing its direction, engaging talented people. He has a hands on approach, which means organizing, volunteering and speaking at quite few events. On daily basis, he is working as CTO at Growbots - one of the fastest growing Polish startups. He engages engineers, encourages best practices, and builds ecosystem, that supports effective, collaborative work. Favorite weapons are Kanban, Lean, XP, Python, Node.js, JVM, TDD and REST APIs.

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