How immutable infrastructure and declarative configuration removed the pain of managing my servers


I used to use Debian a lot, to host my company's websites. Then I discovered NixOS "the purely functional Linux distribution". It is built on immutable infrastructure principles, which means there is a clear separation between data and the rest. In NixOS, the rest is managed in a declarative and reproducible way. I will explain what NixOS is, how it works, and why it was game changer for me. Now I can configure new virtual hosts in seconds! Also system/package upgrades are not a big deal anymore, as a full rollback can be easily performed!

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

David Sferruzza

Head of Research and Development - Startup Palace

Young generalist engineer graduate from Icam de Nantes, I am fond of new technologies, IT, and software development. I am currently in charge of R&D at Startup Palace and preparing a PhD in software engineering. These days, I enjoy spending some time learning functional programming and developing professional and personal projects in Scala, Haskell and Nix. I would like to keep meeting nice people around those subjects, and discover new sources of blossoming!

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