Event-driven and Serverless Programming with OpenWhisk


Serverless computing is one of the hottest topics in the field of cloud computing. It proposes a model allowing developers to really focus on quickly developing value-adding code. OpenWhisk is one player in this new field. Andreas will talk about his journey through the world of serverless computing, the core concepts, the value proposition and differentiators, typical usage scenarios, and the underlying programming model of serverless computing in general and OpenWhisk in particular and conclude his session with some fancy demos that demonstrate how to play up dark data behind videos.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Andreas Nauerz

Technical Product Manager - IBM

Dr. Andreas Nauerz has studied Law and Computer Science and holds a PhD in the latter. Andreas joined IBM directly after having graduated from university and has meanwhile hold various (lead) positions as software engineer as well as software architect. Since 2015 Andreas is the responsible technical product manager for IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk. Besides his work at IBM he works as university lecturer and honorary judge. He is nuts about technology, especially about cloud computing and more recently serverless computing, software-, web- and mobile development in general.

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