Reactive Realtime for Fun and Profit


From wooshing cursors on Google docs to daily scrums on a virtual whiteboard - users have increasingly come to expect changes to sync in realtime. But controlling fast, bi-directional dataflow through an application can be challenging for large scale projects.This talk will help you dodge the complexity trap by applying functional-reactive programming principles to structure a web app as a network of performant and scalable data-pipes. Attendees will learn battle-tested techniques with take-aways that can be applied to their own work.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Wolfram Hempel

Co-founder -

A relic from the dark ages of webdesign, Wolfram clawed his way to the light of superfast servers & realtime systems. He dabbled with technologies behind financial trading, investment banking, AAA gaming, travel booking & the strange world where fridges talk to the internet. He developed many open source projects, that can be found as far as Nasa, JPMorgan & Bank of America. Today, Wolfram is the co-founder of deepstreamHub - an upcoming realtime data platform - & developer of - a new open source server. He is also a speaker, tech author & host of Berlin Realtime Web Meetup.

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