RxJS - destroy the state machine!


Learn our story how we discovered RxJS, how it helped to bring SaleMove from a massive state machine into an elegant event-based reactive platform. We started out with a big state machine that was difficult to maintain, test and develop. As the application grew we quickly saw that another approach was needed. After discovering RxJS, we quickly adopted the event-based reactive approach. In this talk I am going to give you an overview of RxJS and why should you use it. I am going to talk about how once we adopted the event-based approach, it completely changed the way we think about state and

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Stenver Jerkku

CTO and co-founder - eAgronom

Stenver is the kind of person who is passionate about coding, open source and startups but also has a natural knack for people. He loves to teach and spread the word about his discoveries to the world. The one thing that puts a smile on his face is to inspire people to try out things they thought impossible.

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